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Call 247 Help Group at 435-879-3145 if you or a loved one needs a Bail Bondsman, or if you are in need of a 24 Hour Attorney in Iron County.  247 Help Group will connect you with a Bail Bondsman in Cedar City who can assist in the release of your loved one immediately.

Once released, it is important to hire a 24 Hour Lawyer who can help you with your case 24 Hours a Day.  By having a 24 Hour Attorney, you are giving yourself the security of having the legal guidance whenever you need it.

Call 247 Help Group at 435-879-3145 to get the help that you need and deserve today!


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Kane County Bail Bonds * 435-879-3145 * Kane County After Hour Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been arrested and need a Bail Bondsman in Kane County, Call Xtreme Bail Bonds at 435-879-3145.  Xtreme Bail Bonds works around the clock to get you out immediately regardless of time.  Xtreme Bail Bonds offers you Virtual Bail Bonds.  By doing bonds virtually, we send all necessary documents for your loved ones release, to your smartphone or tablet.  This allows you to never leave your home or office while you work to get your life back into your control.

To reach a 24 Hour Lawyer in Kane County, call 247 Help Group at 435-879-3145 and we will connect you with the right After Hour Lawyer for your particular case.  Our experienced team of 24 Hour Attorneys can help you in any type of case, large or small.

Call 247 Help Group a 435-879-3145 to get connected immediately.  


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St. George Bail Bonds * 435-879-3145 * St. George Bail Bond Company

Xtreme Bail Bonds at 435-879-3145 is here for you 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week to help you and your loved ones get out of jail if there’s been an arrest.  We work faster for your release by offering you Virtual Bail Bonds.  By doing Bonds Virtually, we send you all of the documents for you to review and sign for release, straight to your smartphone, tablet, or computer cutting the overall time in half.

Call 247 Help Group at 801-208-9514 to get connected with a 24 Hour Lawyer who will immediately start guiding you in times of need through your rights and what you should say or not say in certain situations.

Call 247 Help Group at 801-208-9514  immediately to get the legal help you need and deserve today!


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USS Mason fires missiles in Red Sea after apparent attack

US strikes Yemen after missiles launched on warship

US strikes Yemen after missiles launched on warship 01:55
Story highlights
Officials Saturday night were uncertain about what exactly happened
The Mason and its crew are all safe

(CNN)The Navy destroyer USS Mason fired countermeasures in the Red Sea on Saturday after it detected what it believed were incoming missiles.

Officials Saturday night were uncertain about what exactly happened, if there were multiple incoming missiles or if there was a malfunction with the radar detection system on the destroyer.
“We are aware of the reports and we are assessing the situation. All of our ships and crews are safe and unharmed,” one US defense official told CNN.
The USS Nitze and the USS Ponce were sailing nearby.
There are initial unconfirmed reports of missiles possibly being fired from positions both ashore on Yemen and by small spotter boats operated by Houthi rebels.
The incident was revealed Saturday by Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson during a ship christening in Baltimore.
Earlier Saturday night, a second US defense official said there were multiple incoming surface-to-surface missiles detected by the Mason.
In reaction, the Mason fired multiple missiles using onboard countermeasures, the two officials said.
NBC News first reported the incident.
Early Thursday, the US launched tomahawk cruise missiles into Yemen targeting radar sites in Houthi-held territory, sites the US claims were used to launch missiles in two previous incidents this week.

credit cnn

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A North Carolina woman details her escape from alligator-infested flood water

(CNN)Still dripping wet from the neck-high floodwater that destroyed her home, Joni Gaddy shivered and wept as she recalled the alligators swimming outside her house.

“I’m soaked. The water is up to your neck coming out of the house. The house is destroyed,” she told CNN affiliate WGHP, clutching the dog she managed to save.
“I don’t know where my horses are. I have another dog stranded in the house.”
Gaddy had been trapped in her home in Lumberton, North Carolina, since Saturday. For three days she prayed someone would find her.
“Helicopters were flying around my house. They didn’t fly over me, and I had all kinds of signals,” she said. “I put notes all over the house. I had sheets hanging out.”
She lived in horror as alligators and snakes infested the water outside her house.
“I was hoping the alligators wouldn’t come into the door,” she said. “You can literally sit on the porch and look at the alligators in the water with the snakes.”
Gaddy was finally rescued when her son drove from Texas and arrived on Tuesday.
“My son and my nephew saved me — walking through the water, climbing through trees, because there were trees down … it’s a mess.”
Gaddy has lived in her house for 27 years. Now, her fond memories are replaced with heart-wrenching trauma.
“It was the worst thing,” she sobbed. “I don’t wish that on anybody. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to that house.”
credit CNN
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The Underwater City for the Dead

The Neptune Memorial Reef is an eternal resting place for ocean lovers that’s entirely underwater. Cremated remains are mixed with cement and formed into placements that are added to the underwater city. The Reef is open to the public so families can dive down to visit their loved ones on the sea bottom.

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Two Boston police officers were shot and critically injured


(CNN)Two Boston police officers were shot and critically injured while responding to a call late Wednesday, police said.

The suspect in the shootings — who was wearing body armor — was later killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers, said police commissioner William Evans.
Police received a call regarding a “domestic incident” between two male roommates in East Boston around 11 p.m., Evans said. When officers entered the home, they could be heard on their radios screaming “303” — which means shots fired and “officer down.”
Officers dragged their wounded colleagues to safety as more shots were exchanged. The suspect had an assault rifle and wore a ballistic vest, Evans said.
He said police had no choice but to “neutralize” the suspect during the incident.
“We’re not proud when we have to use deadly force. But obviously we had two officers gravely injured here and it left no choice.”
The two injured officers are in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital and both are expected to have surgery, Williams said early Thursday morning. The two men have not been identified, but were longtime members on the police force, with one having served 28 years and the other for 12 years.
Nine additional police officers were being treated at Tufts Medical Center for minor injuries and stress, the police commissioner said.
Evans praised the officers for pulling their colleagues out of the line of fire, applying first aid and dealing with a life-threatening situation.
“Domestic calls are probably the most volatile. You never really know what you’re walking into,” he said.
The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office will investigate the incident, as it does for all police-involved shooting.
“It’s going to take time,” said District Attorney Daniel Conley. “The two individuals who probably know most about what happened tonight, are in Mass Gen (the hospital) fighting for their lives.”
credit CNN
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Salt Lake City DUI Attorney * 801-208-9514 * After Hours Attorney Utah

Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a serious offense, and Utah has some of the most severe DWI/ DUI penalties in the country. Even first time offenders may face stiff penalties, including:

  • Possible jail sentence
  • License suspension
  • Fines
  • Felony Conviction and Prison Sentence (for repeat offenders)

A drunk driving conviction can also result in job loss. For people who jobs require they drive, this can cause a serious problem.

  • DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • Prescription medications DUI
  • Under age DUI (Not a Drop)
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Fleeing Scene of an Accident


Getting the right Utah Dui Lawyer involved immediately is imperative to maximize your chances of success. By taking immediate action, Our Utah DUI Lawyers ensure that your rights are protected and assist you in making the right decisions.

Call 24 Hour Legal today 801-208-9514

Salt Lake City Dui Attorney * Salt Lake DUI Lawyer * Salt Lake City Bail Bonds * Salt Lake City Bail Bond Company * 24 Hour Lawyer * 24 Hour Attorney


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Salt Lake Domestic Violence Attorney * 802-208-9514 * Salt Lake City Bail Bonds

Domestic violence is a crime where penalties can be enhanced depending on the circumstances. If you or someone you know are being charged with domestic violence, you need an experienced lawyer who knowledgeable about Utah’s domestic violence laws.
In Utah, domestic violence can include:
• Domestic assault
• Battery
• Violation of a protective order
• Child Abuse
• Domestic Violence in the presence of children
• Reckless endangerment
• Stalking
A domestic violence charge or conviction will appear on your criminal record where employers, landlords and others can see it. If a protection order has been issued against you, you will have to abide by a number of restrictions.
A domestic violence charge does not have to ruin your life and your future. Call 24-7 Help Group today.
801-208-9514 call 24 Hours a day

Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Attorney * Salt Lake City Bail Bonds * Bail Bond Company Salt Lake City

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Mike Weinholtz’s wife faces pot charge ?


SALT LAKE CITY — A prosecutor said Wednesday he intends to file misdemeanor drug charges against the wife of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Weinholtz after federal investigators found about 2 pounds of marijuana at the couple’s home.

The investigation began after U.S. Postal Service inspectors intercepted a package containing a small amount of pot that Donna Weinholtz tried to mail earlier this year to another home she and her husband own in California, Tooele County Chief Deputy Attorney Gary Searle said.

Federal investigators went to the couple’s Salt Lake City home and found the larger stash of the drug, which Donna Weinholtz told them she uses to treat chronic pain, authorities said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office didn’t believe federal charges were warranted and forwarded the case to Salt Lake County prosecutors several weeks ago, spokeswoman Melodie Rydalch said.

The case was then sent to Tooele County because Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill is a political ally of Mike Weinholtz and wanted to avoid a conflict of interest, officials said.

Searle said it appears Donna Weinholtz had the drug for her personal use and there’s no evidence her husband was aware she had it. Searle said he plans to file misdemeanor drug possession charges against her soon, meaning she could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

In a statement released by his campaign Wednesday, Mike Weinholtz said his wife uses the drug to relieve pain caused by arthritis and degenerative spinal conditions.

“She refuses to use addictive opiates and used cannabis after suffering when other medicinal options were either invasive, ineffective or addictive,” he said. “We have complied at every step of the judicial process, and now that we know where the case is landing, we look forward to having the issue resolved and moving on.”

Mike Weinholtz, a wealthy businessman, announced soon after winning his party’s nomination in April that he would advocate for legalizing medical marijuana in Utah because his wife was under investigation for pot possession. He has repeatedly declined to offer details, citing an ongoing investigation.

He said his wife used the drug to relieve pain caused by arthritis and nerve damage.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed in July it was investigating Donna Weinholtz but offered little information. Rydalch declined to comment further Wednesday or explain why federal prosecutors decided not to file charges.

Searle said he plans to treat Donna Weinholtz like everyone else and has “no intent to turn this into some political sideshow.” He did not know whether she had a medical marijuana card in California. Even if she did, possession of the drug is still illegal in Utah.

The conservative state has passed a very limited medical marijuana law allowing those with severe epilepsy to use cannabis extract oil that doesn’t contain psychoactive properties.

The marijuana investigation is not Donna Weinholtz’s first brush with authorities. She was one of 13 people arrested in 2014 as part of a protest over the GOP-dominated Legislature’s refusal to hold a hearing on an anti-discrimination law that includes sexual and gender orientation protections. It passed the following year.

Donna Weinholtz pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of disrupting a meeting after she and other protesters blocked the doors to a committee meeting room. She was sentenced to probation, and the charge was dismissed after she completed the probation and paid a $100 fine.

Mike Weinholtz is facing an uphill battle this year to try to unseat Republican Gov. Gary Herbert.

Herbert campaign manager Marty Carpenter had no comment on the investigation.

ksl credit

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